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treeblog seeds planted soon!

As the semester draws to a close, it is time to look to the very near future... to next week! To the planting of the first treeblog seeds. Scots pine and cider gum seeds, tiny seeds, planted, germinating, growing... It's getting down to the wire now. Expect good news early next week!

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More treeblog seeds: cider gum eucalyptus

Yesterday at uni I was working in a practical which involved placing different seeds in various conditions in petri dishes. When the practical was over, I took the liberty of smuggling away the leftover seeds. I don't think they'll be missed.

The seeds are Eucalyptus gunnii, a.k.a. the cider gum. I don't know much about this tree, but a quick search revealed that this tree can be 20 feet tall in just six years!

Watch this space...

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Enter one packet of Scots pine seeds

As I mentioned in the first post (the post that hurts the most), I have a packet of Scots pine seeds. It came into my possession at a careers fair hosted by the University of Edinburgh on the 11th of October 2006. A friend and I visited the Forestry Commission stand, and we were each given a packet as a promotional freebie.

Contents: Scots pine seeds
Scots pine (Pinus sylvestris) is native to all parts of Britain
promo seed Lot. no. 288246

If you also have one of these packets, I would be most interested to hear how your seeds turn out!

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treeblog - the birth of something beautiful

Hello there. You are reading the first ever post at treeblog. Right now, there isn’t a whole lot of interest here. Yet with time, I hope that will change. treeblog won’t be your average blog (or at least I hope not). The purpose of treeblog - the point of its existence - is to form a chronology of the development of a group of trees, right from being planted as seeds or nuts. To chart their development from germination to maturity… supposing that they don’t die before they get there. At this moment, the first trees have yet to be planted. But I have in my possession one packet of Scots pine seeds. Soon these seeds will be planted, and treeblog will be well on its way to documenting its first germinated tree. It is my intention to plant these seeds at the end of March.

Until that date and beyond, I will also post here non-treeblog-tree tree-related news, photographs, and information: general tree nuggets really, like word-acorns falling from my finger-oaks. If you like the sound of this… why not check back in a few days? Or at least around April Fools’ Day, by which time the fun should well and truly have begun.

* * * * *

Coincidentally, today is 'I Love Pine' Day.

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