treeblog seedling update (Day 242)

It's been almost three weeks since the last seedling update, but fret not; a new one has arrived, nice and warm like fresh bread. The photographs were taken by my father yesterday (Day 242) with a brand spanking new camera. There isn't a whole lot different to report in this new update. The biggie is that autumn has hit the grey alders, and hit 'em hard. Cider gum No. 9 has bent a little while No. 7 has straightened up. Cider gum No. 3 has got some non-crinkly leaves! Things are looking up for the black sheep of the treeblog family.

Scots pine alpha (Day 242)

The alpha Scots pine. Looking good (as always).

Scots pine gamma (Day 242)

The gamma Scots pine. Mmm, nice.

grey alder No. 4 (Day 242)

Grey alder No. 4 a.k.a. the Beast, stripped of all its verdant glory by cruel Autumn.

cider gum No. 3 (Day 242)

Cider gum No. 3 a.k.a. the Runt. Check out the uppermost pair of leaves: small yet perfectly formed.

cider gum No. 7 (Day 242)

Cider gum No. 7 on excellent form, with some splendid... form.

cider gum No. 9 (Day 242)

Cider gum No. 9. Got a bit of a lean thing going on.

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