Aira Force Money Tree

coins in wood

I stayed with fifteen ecology buddies at the Whinfell Forest Center Parcs village in the Lake District from Monday to Friday. We had a right good time! Sun, swimming, beer, BBQs, badgers, and beer. On Wednesday, nine of us went on a bit of a day trip to Aira Force, a waterfall near Ullswater. The footpath to the fall runs through some woodland and along the way we saw an unusual sight. A fallen tree (beech I presume) covered in hammered-in coinage: the Aira Force Money Tree! I've heard about money trees before but I think this is the first one I've seen in the flesh. Did I hammer a coin in? No, and I kind of regret that.

coins in wood: the Aira Force Money Tree

Coins and ecologists.

twenty euro cents coin embedded in wood

€0.20. Foreign currencies are represented too!

Aira Force Money Tree

The Aira Force Money Tree. The stump is also covered in coins!

I wonder how long ago the tree was cut down. And I wonder if the coin-hammering started while the tree was still alive.

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