Set A super treeblog seedling update (Day 432): Part II

The super treeblog seedling update continues... First up, photographs of the alders and Scots pines taken on Day 432 (Monday the 2nd of June). The ruler in all the super update pix was held in place by my sister - props go to her.

Alpha Scots pine

The Alpha Scots pine - approx. 14.5 cm. As you can see, this is another seedling supported by a kebab stick. The damn fool had gotten too tall to support itself.

Gamma Scots pine

The Gamma Scots pine - approx. 10 cm. A more sensible height means this one is still free-standing.

grey alder No. 1

Grey alder No. 1 - approx. 14 cm. From the first leaf on the right upwards - that's all new growth from this season. It's pretty much tripled in height!

grey alder No. 2

Grey alder No. 2 - approx. 6.5 cm. No. 2 is the smallest alder, but it's still healthy-looking.

grey alder No. 3

Grey alder No. 3 - approx. 12 cm.

grey alder No. 4

Grey alder No. 4 - the Beast - approx. 30 cm tall. No. 4 is the tallest and most impressive of all the treeblog trees. It's unbelievable how much bigger it is than it's fellow alders!

Well, now you've seen photos of all the Set A seedlings. I hope you've been impressed by how much growing they've done over the last couple of months.

Bonus update: On Wednesday I carried out some repotting. The Alpha Scots pine is in the same pot but it has been topped up with soil 'cos it was looking a little empty. Grey alders Nos. 1, 2 and 3 and cider gums Nos. 1, 2, 4, 5 and 11 had their small square pots upgraded to bigger round ones. Cider gums Nos. 3, 6 and 15 are now the only Set A seedlings left in the small square pots (because of their diminutive statures). From Set B, the downy birch and the two possible sweet chestnuts were moved out of their seed tray and into small square pots. Grey alder No. 4 really needs putting into a much bigger pot but that'll have to wait a few weeks as I'm now back in Edinburgh.

Final thought: I can't believe how badly Set B has failed, but the awesomeness of Set A is ample compensation.

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