treeblog update (Set C(r), Day 479): the Upper Midhope rowans

’Upper Midhope’ rowans Nos. 1 to 4.

As I said in the last post, I planted the Set C(r) Whitwell Moor rowans in individual pots at the end of June. Unfortunately I never got around to planting their peers, the Set C(r) Upper Midhope rowans, until the 30th of August – two months later. This means that the Whitwell Moor (W) rowans have a massive advantage over their Upper Midhope (U) buddies. I mean, there’s a big difference in size. But while this sucks for the U rowans, it’ll be interesting to see how quickly they catch up to the W rowans.

Photos taken on the 3rd of September – Day 479. The last treeblog update for the Set C(r) rowans was back in mid-May: Day 369.

U rowans Nos. 5 to 8.

U rowans Nos. 9 to 12.

U rowans Nos. 13 to 16.

U rowans Nos. 17 to 20.

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