treeblog to host next month’s Festival of the Trees: your submissions please!

The upcoming fifty-sixth edition of the premier tree-flavoured blog carnival The Festival of the Trees will be published here at treeblog on the 1st of February. To make this edition a success I am relying on all you fine folks to submit for inclusion within the Festival almost anything appertaining to trees and their associated environments and ecosystems including but not limited to your writings, musings and jottings (factual or fictitious, scientific or spiritual), bark rubbings, photography, artwork, poetry, news pieces, songs, videos and bark rubbings. As well as your own work, feel free to send in the work of others if you’ve taken a shine to it.

Please aim your submissions at mail [at] treeblog [dot] co [dot] uk, making sure that Festival of the Trees or FOTT is contained within the header field and that the link you send is a ‘permanent’ one. The deadline is the 30th of January, so that gives you all a good three-and-a-half weeks to have those submissions flying in. There’s no theme for this edition, so don’t hold back!

* * * * *

This month’s edition of the Festival is now online at Natures Whispers - go enjoy!

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