treeblog update: the Set C downy birches (Part One)

Downy birch No. 1 – looking grand!

Here we go with the first look at the Set C downy birches since mid-August 2010 (Day 522). In this two-part treeblog update you can see for yourself how well each of the wee fellas are getting on. Thirteen remain alive – and two are recently deceased. I took the photos on Monday (May 2nd), 782 days after I planted them all as seeds. As you can see, some are doing better than others…

Downy birch No. 2.

Downy birch No. 4.

Downy birch No. 5 – very small.

Downy birch No. 10.

Downy birch No. 13.

Downy birch No. 14.

Downy birch No. 15 – it’s put on a lot of new growth already this spring!

* * * * *

The rest of the downy birches will follow in Part Two (to be posted on Saturday.) This post and the next one are ‘pre-written’ and will ‘upload automatically’ because I’m off to France for a week – so I won’t be able to respond to emails or moderate comments until the 10th!

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