treeblog update: the Set C downy birches (Part Two)

Downy birch No. 21.

This post continues from Part One, which featured the other eight downy birches. All photos were taken on Monday (May 2nd) (Day 782).

Downy birch No. 22 – forking?

Downy birch No. 23 – very small.

Downy birch No. 25 – not looking good at all. Last August it had two main stems, but one has died and fallen off.

Downy birch No. 27.

The next two trees – Nos. 16 & 30 – are, I believe, dead. A couple of weeks ago when I carried out the treeblog census I hoped that they were just late flushing, as the buds looked to be OK – but I was mistaken. I don’t think they made it through the winter. Set C is down to thirteen downy birches.

Downy birch No. 16 – funnily enough, I thought this one had died last year (winter 2009/2010) but I turned out to be wrong. I hope I’m wrong for a second time!

Downy birch No. 30, deceased.

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