treeblog update: the Set C(r) rowans (Day 720)

’Upper Midhope’ rowans No. 2 (approx. 11 cm tall) & No. 5 (the shortest of the set at 7 cm).

It’s been a looong time since the Set C(r) rowans featured in a treeblog update. Since that time, the size of the set has been significantly reduced by the loss of identifying flags (read about it in the census). Here are the current lot, before I beef up the numbers by dipping into the reserves.

All of the rowans are suffering from some kind of disease – mildew? – to a varying extent, which has formed a white powder on their leaves. The two rowans in the photo above have it the worst (U2 & U5). W2 & W18 are also badly affected. So far it doesn’t appear to be having much of an impact on the overall health of the seedlings.

These photos were taken on the 2nd of May (Day 720); the height measurements were taken today (Day 738).

’Upper Midhope’ rowan No. 7 (12 cm).

’Upper Midhope’ rowan No. 14 (51 cm) & ‘Whitwell Moor’ rowan No. 2 (44 cm).

‘Whitwell Moor’ rowans No. 6 (33 cm) & No. 7 (36 cm).

‘Whitwell Moor’ rowans No. 11 (the tallest of the set at 52 cm) & No. 12 (26 cm – has had its top bitten off since this photo was taken).

‘Whitwell Moor’ rowans No. 15 (37 cm) & No. 17 (46 cm).

‘Whitwell Moor’ rowans No. 18 (34 cm) & No. 19 (22 cm).

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Sometime last week downy birch No. 13 from Set C was uprooted, probably by one of the grey squirrels that frequent our garden. I’m pretty sure it’s a goner.

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