treeblog update: the Set C(r) rowans (May 2012)

I’ve left it a stupidly long time since the last one, but here’s the latest update on all thirteen Set C(r) rowans (excluding the tricots, which I haven’t shown on treeblog in an even looonger time, but which will make an appearance soon). I took the photos on Tuesday – Day 1113 – just over three years since I planted the rowans as seeds. The last update was in May of last year on Day 720.

There are four ‘U’s, which are the offspring of a tree that grew near Upper Midhope, and nine ‘W’s. which are the offpring of a tree that still grows on Whitwell Moor. On the whole, the Ws are doing far better, but the tallest Set C(r) rowan is a U.

U2 – Tiny. Along with U7, this seedling has the same mildew-type affliction that affected the majority of the Set C(r) rowans last year.

U5 – healthy but tiny.

U7 – tiny and suffering from the mildew-type disease.

U14 – the tallest tree in the set, measuring a whopping 67 cm tall.

W2 – another tall one.

W6 – kind of average.

W7 – I think the the two little branches sprouting from near the base have died.

W11 – another tall one, with a suppressed second stem.

W12 – a little smaller than average.

W15 – pleasing to look at.

W17 – has the leafiest stem.

W18 – kind of average.

W19 – doesn’t look very sturdy, and one tiny branch has a bit of that mildewy stuff, but otherwise looks healthy.

* * * * *

I also measured the heights of all thirteen rowans. They are ranked in descending order in the table below:

Tree Height (cm)
May 2012
U14 67
W2 61
W11 60
W17 53
W7 42
W15 42
W6 39
W18 37
W19 36
W12 33
U7 13
U2 11
U5 10

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