A walk in the Hermitage of Braid (Part 2)

More photos from my Wednesday wander in the Hermitage of Braid. Monochrome!

First up: a stand of trees on a small mound. Some beech and a huge sycamore in there, so I remember. A lot of storm damage though, with plenty of deadwood on the ground and a couple of dead trunks.

trees on a mound

This next photo is a closeup of a nicely decomposing dead standing trunk. Check out the little holes made by woodworm or perhaps some kind of bark beetles.

deadwood close-up

This tall and skinny tree looked like a sycamore. I'm not totally certain it was though - I can't ever remember seeing one so gaunt. But with this being in the bottom of a narrow valley, it would have had to grow tall out of necessity.

tall and skinny sycamore?

Finally, I have a photograph of a fallen branch in the Braid Burn (a burn is the Scots word for a stream or small river).

fallen branch in the burn

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